Get the scoop

Thanks for taking the time to check out my website. I don’t want to bore you, so here’s just a tid bit about me:

I just recently graduated from SMU where I spent the best four years of my life. I’m originally from Memphis, Tenn. (the home of Elvis Presley and the best barbecue in the world) but decided to throw on my cowboy boots and be a true Texan in 2008. I immediately fell in love with Texas, more specifically Dallas. However my dreams could not continue in Dallas. I moved to Greenville, Miss., in June and have been reporting for the Delta Democrat Times.

It was at SMU that I found my niche. I came to college expecting to be an art history major but had a change of heart my sophomore year. I LOVED journalism.

Here’s a quick rundown of the last two years:

I was the editor in chief for SMU’s independently owned newspaper,The Daily Campus the second semester my senior year. I led and managed a staff of more than 20 editors and writers in a variety of sections including campus news, sports, arts and entertainment, opinion and the greater metroplex. I also worked with three different blogs for, which included health and fitness, style and food. Before I was appointed that position, I had been a staff writer, news editor and managing editor. Every waking moment I had was dedicated to this paper.

While I was EIC, I also interned at the Dallas Observercontributing to its culture blog, The Mixmaster. It was a great experience but my heart wasn’t there. I love running out of the office to cover a story, and I couldn’t do that there.

Before the DO, I worked as a staff writer for The Dallas Morning News (the best internship an undergrad could ever dream of). During my time there I gained experience covering breaking news. I was also responsible for pitching and writing feature stories. On one of my days off, I offered to cover an event the Morning News wasn’t aware of — the release of the new Missoni clothing collection at Target. That article was the most read of the day, with more than 39,000 views, nearly tripling the second most viewed article, which was about the rapper Jay-Z at a Dallas Cowboy’s football game. I also wrote a 1A article during my first week as an intern about changes the TSA was making at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. While I am proud of those accomplishments, I believe I truly exhibited my talent when I pitched and pursued an article about child abuse cases on the rise in Dallas County. However, the majority of my work can be found on the DMN’s “The Scoop” blog, which has approximately a 30-minute or less turn around time.